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Members of the Flower Mound O & G Meeting by shirley

Getting to Know your O&G Board: Be Prepared for Weds June 18

The latest minutes from the O&G Board Appeals meeting (March 12, 2008 ) is posted on the Town of Flower Mound website. Here is an excerpt where the O&G Board Members introduce themselves:

Tina Murphy (Chairwoman): “I am Tina  Murphy, and I’ve been in Flower Mound [FM] for over 13 years. I have a degree in marketing, and have done a lot of things with the community. One of my specialties was home owners’ associations. And because FM is where I learned the whole management, the whole workings of home owners’ associations. And one of the things about FM is they are very serious about their ordinances, and we appreciate it. We hear comments about how FM doesn’t like working with developers, blah, blah,blah; and I just smile and say that’s ok, we like it. I’ve also served on the Zoning Board of Asjustment for over 8 years. I served on the Master Plan Update Steering Committee this past year for a full year, and I’ve served on the Mayor’s Advisory Council for the Home Owners’ Association. I’m a Realtor. And i also served in many different areas in cub scouts and my church and all the other places around FM.”

Mike Walker (Also serves on the Bridlewood HOA Board of Directors): “I have been a resident of Flower Mound since 1995. I love in the Bridlewood Community. Educationally, I have a masters degree in urban planning and an undergraduate degree in history and government. I used to work for the State of Colorado, western Colorado, reviewing mine land reclamation plans, environmental studies, Federal EIS application. I used to work in Municipal government. I used to provide assistance to towns like FM, places like Vale and Steamboat Springs, if you are familiar with these areas. They also went through tremendous amounts of pressure both from recreational development and energy development and it still continues as we speak. And the thing I took from that experience was to be consistent with a smart growth mentality, so I’m very keyed into that. In the Town, I served on the Park Board and previously on the Planning and Zoning Commission. Now I’m lucky enough to be on the Board of Adjustment.   I worked in vestent management and managed large portfolios for various pension companies; now I’m doing consulting, so please hire me, I guess.”

Alisa Rich: “I have been on the Board for over 10 years on the Zoning Board as well as the O&G Board now for 5 years as vice chair or chair, either one. I have a masters in enviornmental toxicology. I’m very familiar with most cancers which can be caused by environmental contaminants. I’m a chemical specialist. I am an EPA contractor with half the United States in private contracting risk assessments, which basically we go in and we look at environmental lands that have been addressed as negative impact on human health. I have a Ph.D. in air pollution control design. If that doesn’t satisfy you, I don’t know what possibly could. I’m a specialist in the oil and gas. I am not only a specialist, I am a consultant to oil and gas to provide the most possibly environmentally sensitive, environmentally supportive industry technology that gives the rights to the landowner but at the same time protects human–human environments as well as animal environments. I am an air specialist. I have a doctorate in air pollution.  We do know what we are talking about, and we also are residents here in FM for the same reasons that you guys are. We take your comments to heart. We are very, very serious about our jobs here, which is not easy.”

Richard Melugin: “I have been a resident of FM for approx. 4 years. I am an information technology consultant. I have a master’s degree in business administration. I am married. I have a 2 year old daughter. I worked in the O&G companies before in the past, consulted for many years. But my primary qualifications for serving on the Board, like most of you, is that I’m a property owner, resident and father.”

Galvin Poston: “I live right behind this building. I have one child, married. Came here like many people did from a different state and for the same reasons you did. I’m a volunteer on the Board. I have a MBA. I also have a degree in education. I’m a supply logistics person. I served in the Navy. I retired as a commander. I have been aboard nuclear vessels, so I certainly know power components.”

Jim Ward: I’m the newest member here on the O&G Appeals Board. I joined in October of this past year. I guess a little bit of background, I lived in this area in 1994 and ’95 and my job transferred me away. And I had the opportunity to move back and it was one of the best places I’ve lived; and so we had the opportunity to come back here in 2002, so I’ve been here since then. I have four children, all in LISD. And I live just off 2499 near Target. I have a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering; I studied engineering in graduate school, University of Houston and North Carolina State. Served as a Marine Corp officer, also served in the Navy prior to that. I’ve spent most of my time after the military working with the federal government customers, a lot of the customers we talk about here such as the EPA and a lot of the military and Nuclear Regulatory Commission and some of the others.”


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