Bridlewood Quality of Life Coalition

Why Do I Care? by kim0917
Written by Kim Brinkman

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

We understand the nation’s dependence on oil and natural gas. We understand and respect the rights of mineral owners. But at what cost to the environment and to the quality of our lives, do their rights stop and ours begin? We are NOT against gas development. Gas drilling has a place; away from densely populated areas where the decision to drill affects only the person(s) who granted permission to drill. We are against bringing a commercial nuisance and a known hazard to health and public safety into the neighborhoods of our peaceful town. We have heard from many city officials, city board members, and now big money campaigns that drilling is safe for our neighborhoods. Ask yourself just one question: If oil and gas drilling is so safe and doesn’t create any health and environmental concerns, then why does the industry have to be exempted from all EPA Standards and the Clean Water ACT?

How safe is drilling? There are a lot of missing and unknown facts, especially concerning long-term impacts.  The total effects of neighborhood drilling may not be fully understood for another five to 20 years.

Although oil and gas companies claim they take precautions and use improved, high-tech systems and practices for extraction to prevent accidents and undesirable affects, accidents do occur, causing contaminated water, airborne toxins, blighted land and even livestock that are sick and dying. If the oil and gas companies have made remarkable strides in safety, practices, equipment, and chemicals for gas extraction, why don’t they have to disclose the chemicals they use? They claim it is considered proprietary information. We plead the fifth!

We find it interesting that our HOA and CMA ignore the CC&R section C. – #6 that states “No oil drilling or related activities permitted.” As prospective residents, we were told that Bridlewood is a community that would be clean, safe, and quiet, with beautiful surroundings and horizons, and peaceful enjoyment of our homes. Why should we be forced into accepting the risks of gas drilling? We have to consider the construction of the pad site, radioactive materials, raw gas (no smell), exhaust from trucks and diesel motors and many other materials or contaminants that aren’t seen, which are part of natural gas extraction.  In addition, we have a potential for land contamination, airborne toxins, water supply contamination, and ground level ozone.

Throughout this website, you will read information that was collected through many resources. We don’t claim to possess all of the available information. We challenge you to educate and protect yourselves by reading the links to research, information, articles, and other grassroots organizations information. We encourage you to stay informed of what is happening not only in your own backyard but as well in your town, state, and nation. The future is not only ours but the generations that come after us.


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