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Resident Comments of June 4 Bridlewood HOA meeting by kim0917

Written by Susan Gleghorn

At the HOA Oil & Gas meeting on June 4, 2008, from 6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m, the HOA attorney from Riddle and Williams, P.C., Christopher Payne, spoke to us about a court decision out of Erath County.  This particular decision was a harsh and 100% negative ruling against a subdivision very similar to our situation in Bridlewood.  As presented, it appeared that the residents had no real options left to them and it was depresssing to hear Mr. Payne talk about it.  My initial thought was if this is an example of current case law, then we have lost out fight before we even begin.

However, after the meeting, I asked Mr. Payne for further clarification on the status of that decision.  He stated that the decision he cited, although very harsh, was a finding out of the District Court.  This decision was being appealed but had not gone through the appeals process yet.  It had not reached the appeals court or the Texas Supreme Court.  He further stated that he hoped and FULLY EXPECTED the decision to be overturned somewhere along the way.

Now, there are never any guarantees in life and Mr. Payne’s comment may be some degree of wishful thinking; this decision may stand in the end.  But my message to you is THIS IS NOT THE END.  There are things that we CAN do to try to prevent drilling within the confines of Bridlewood.  My belief is that regular attendance at the Flower Mound Oil and Gas Board meetings, held once a month, and especially if attended by a large number of us, is our first and best option.  We must be ready to present our opposition to urban drilling with clear and concise reasons.  Also, regular communication with our Town Council members may be helpful.


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