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Star Community Newspapers also reports on Red Oak’s petition and includes a pretty funny quote.  Red Oak claims the variances were denied:

“without reference to applicable criteria and standards, is illegal in whole or in part, constitutes an abuse of discretion, was arbitrary and capricious, causes Red Oak Gas an unnecessary hardship, is otherwise wrongful, invalid and unenforceable and should be reversed.”

So the Flower Mound Oil and Gas Board of Appeals abused its discretion in siding with the people it serves, who turned out in large numbers to voice their displeasure with Red Oak’s plans?

I will say, it does cause Red Oak a hardship — they have to make another appeal and might have to find another drill site.  But the burden of proof is on them in the first place and they couldn’t find a location that fit within the boundaries set by the law.

Red Oak complained at the appeals hearing that the only people opposed were “anti-drilling” in general, a sentiment repeated in the lawsuit by mentioning that all opposed parties didn’t live within 1,000 feet of the drill site.  However, granting certain variances sets a precedent that could threaten our quality of life.


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