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Re: “Letter from the HOA Board” in Mane Events by kim0917

By now, all Bridlewood residents should have received by mail the latest volume of the Mane Events newsletter, Summer 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 2.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t yet been posted online so we can’t link to it.  The front page features a letter from the HOA Board that continues to cover two full pages(!) inside.

We have a few questions and comments after reading this letter.  Their quotes are italicized.

… neither Mr. Footlik nor the Williams Companies need to negotiate with the Association or the homeowners to extract minerals … in close proximity to Bridlewood.  They have the absolute right to develop these minerals … in compliance with the Texas Railroad Commission rules and regulations, and the Town of Flower Mound’s permitting requirements.”

As the board elected to represent Bridlewood homeowners, your first concern should be our collective property values and quality of life.  This means that you should be actively working to re-affirm Town of Flower Mound restrictions on our behalf, not re-affirming, in print, someone else’s right to drill near our homes.

… the Association’s counsel has prepared a proposed amendment which permits subsurface development … this fact should not be interpreted to indicate any desire on the part of the Board one way or the other.”

You say that the board has no opinion on drilling or not drilling.  Howver, in your own words this was a “proposed” amendment, meaning that somebody on the board brought it forward, presumably in favor of it being passed.  Before getting homeowners’ opinions about such an amendment, the board then admits to having a lawyer draft it, which costs money.  Just how dis-interested are you in this amendment?

“The Board hopes to have an open meeting in the near future to permit a free flow of information so as to permit homeowners to make a reasoned and informed decision on this important issue.”

Bridlewood residents have requested such a meeting, first by petition and also at last month’s HOA meeting at the golf club.  You say you “hope” to have this meeting soon, but more than a month has passed since the petition was brought to you.

    Finally, we share the board’s interest about the spread of misinformation.  Please feel free to view these posted documents which were previously obtained.


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