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Tell Flower Mound to stand up to Red Oak by kim0917
8 July 2008, 3:44 pm
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Regarding the lawsuit filed by Red Oak against the town of Flower Mound.  You can write or email your city officials to let them know you support the Oil and Gas Board of Appeals’ decision to deny Red Oak their variance request.

Please feel free to copy and paste the below form letter into emails.  You can sign it with your own name, address and phone number and customize it however you feel necessary.  Remember, it MUST be addressed with a Flower Mound residence.  We were told to address all correspondence to the town secretary.

Dear Secretary Paschal:

I am writing to support the decision of the Oil and Gas Board of Appeals, rendered on June 18, to deny the variance requests made by Red Oak Gas.  I want the Town Council to know how I feel when they weigh their options concerning Red Oak’s petition for appeal. This lawsuit may have affect future drilling ventures by setting a legal precedent in the state of Texas with regards to future variance requests.  It is important that the town of Flower Mound defend its right to continue making decisions for its residents, rather than the state or private companies.  I believe the Oil & Gas Board of Appeals was fully within its right to deny the variance request.

I live in Flower Mound for the quality of life it offers — a family-friendly, community-centered atmosphere with clean air and water, and a reasonable amount of safety.  I do not want to see it threatened by unsightly gas drilling rigs, increased truck traffic, environmental hazards, or even put at risk by the possibility of explosions.  Flower Mound is not an industrial zone and I hope it never becomes one.

Thanks for hearing my views on the matter.


[Address in Flower Mound]

Below are the names and email addresses of other town officials.

The town fax number is 972 874 6453

Mayor Jody Smith          
Councilman Joel D. Lindsey
Councilman Al Filidoro    
Councilman Tim Trotter  
Councilman Jean M. Levenick
Councilman Jeff Tasker  


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