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Deadline Tomorrow — Flower Mound Town Council Needs Volunteers by kim0917

The mayor and town council have lately pointed out that participation in government had been non-existent until the gas drilling companies came on to the scene.

They may have a good point.  It takes our regular participation and efforts to help protect our quality of life.  We encourage Bridlewood and Flower Mound residents to volunteer for appointment by the mayor to various official committees.

If you’d like to volunteer and actively support your community in protecting our quality of life, sign up.  The application includes a list of committees with open positions.

Many Bridlewood residents are putting in their applications now. You can bring the filled-in form to the town hall or fax it to 972 874 6453.  The deadline is 5 p.m. on July 11th, 2008.  That’s tomorrow.

The application is printable at this link.


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