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Petition for Flower Mound Town Council by kim0917

Flower Mound Citizens Against Urban Drilling have put up a petition.  Below is the text.  It appeals to the Flower Mound Town Council, asking council members to protect the city’s ordinances and support the decision of the Oil & Gas Board of Appeals to deny a variance request to Red Oak Gas.  Click here to sign.

To:  The Town of Flower Mound and its elected officials

On June 27, 2008 Red Oak Gas filed a lawsuit against the Town of Flower Mound and the Flower Mound Oil and Gas (O&G) Board of Appeals. The suit alleged that the Board’s denial of Red Oak’s request for variances from the Town’s O&G ordinance (which would have allowed them to drill gas wells on the proposed–and unapproved–Riverwalk site) was illegal and that it caused Red Oak an unnecessary hardship and as such, the variance denials should be reversed.

The process for denying the requested variances is carefully detailed in the Town’s O&G ordinance. The Town’s O&G Board followed the designated process and made their decisions based upon the twelve criteria outlined in the ordinance. Each requested variance was extensively debated and evaluated against the ordinance’s criteria. The Board’s decision was NOT illegal; Red Oak simply did not like the results. Furthermore, Red Oak was aware of the Town’s O&G ordinance prior to entering into a lease agreement with the property’s owner.

Ordinances are put in place to protect the Town’s citizens, the Town’s character, and ultimately the overall quality of life for the Town’s residents. It is not the responsibility of our community to ensure profits for developers who make poor business decisions.

We do hereby request that The Town of Flower Mound and its elected officials protect our ordinances and our community by actively defending itself against this lawsuit. This lawsuit should NOT be settled out of court. To do so would allow Red Oak, or any future developers who are denied variances to a Town ordinance, the ability to dictate our community’s ordinances.

Should Town leaders fail to aggressively defend the Town against Red Oak, we believe that this is a failure of their most basic responsibility–to protect the residents of Flower Mound.


The Undersigned


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