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Bridlewood resident’s letter to Mayor Smith by kim0917

Below is a letter written to Flower Mound mayor Jody Smith.  It was submitted to us by “Jill”, a resident living in the Lexington Downs subdivision of Bridlewood.  Mayor Smith’s response is below.

Dear Mayor and Council Members,
My husband and I have lived in this beautiful Town a little over a year.  We moved from the Memphis, TN area and had a hard time selling our house in the process.  We sent 5 months looking throughout the DFW area and really liked Wylie, Parker and Southlake.  But the more we looked and researched we decided Flower Mound was for us.  Having moved into our house in May 2007 we’ve felt like it was the right choice.

Mayor Smith – my husband even met you in line at the drivers license location with your father and was very impressed.  We have found a wonderful church and community – a place to call home for many years.

Now in July 2008 we are are very much considering a move to Southlake for one reason only – Urban Drilling.  I know this is a very highly charged issue but my husband and I have done research, attended meeting and spoke with people who already have drilling going on in their backyards and it is not good!  If today I was looking at Southlake and Flower Mound I would pick Southlake hands-down (higher taxes and all).

I am grateful we live in this Town with ozoning on the books.  But I am upset to see folks like Red Oak think they can “bully” their way in with threats on the Riverwalk and lawsuits.  I attended the last Oil and Gas Appeals borad meeting and I will NOT go to the Riverwalk (if it is ever built) because of their attitude.  Southlake has made it perfectly clear that NO variances will be granted and Flower Mound needs to do the same.  We need to fight Red Oaks and all future lawsuits before this ruins our Town – and it very much will.

I understand you have a tough job but this e-mail  is from my heart and my head.  We can not let this go forward.  I pray that you all will save the Town of Flower Mound.


Here is Mayor Smith’s response:

Dear Jill,

Thanks for the great e-mail, and after living in Flower Mound since 84, this whole gas drilling has really put a damper on neighborhoods.   Red Oak was denied twice, and I am sure that when the council meets this Thursday, we will deny their petition for the request to grant their variances.  I know it sounds like they are bullying us, but you know, business is business and sometimes it is like a card game, everyone takes their turn.  I am not trying to be light on this issue, but this is their first move, and it may take quite awhile until we know what their next one is.

On the issue of Southlake, last year several elected officials and staff members spent quite allot of time with us, and visiting existing sights in Flower Mound where wells have been drilled.   Southlake has virtually patterned their ordinance after ours.   The only difference may be is that Southlake doesn’t have as much land as Flower Mound does that could have drilling on it.   Just keep in mind, that as technology gets better, drilling can be done in more ways than we ever anticipated.   The advances in technology have allowed drilling companies to drill in different manners. I feel that like the Northshore area, that areas such as Mr. Hilliards property and Bridlewood may not be approved as well.   The Riverwalk property actually had less negative impact than Mr. Hilliards property would, because there are so many existing neighborhoods adjacent to Mr. Hilliards.

If you do look at Southlake, I am not sure where it is, but the Gateway Church purchased a large piece of property and I understand that one of their plans was to drill on their new sight, so you may want to check.

I am currently on vacation with my family and am not able to really make good phone calls, but when I get back, I would love to talk to you more, and share some ideas about Mr. Hilliard’s property and drilling in general.   I will tell you your council does not want to negatively impact any neighborhoods and we will do all in our power to get on top of this lawsuit. I am going to ask that we bring in an expert attorney who is very well versed in this area.




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