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Letter from a Bridlewood resident by kim0917
24 July 2008, 9:48 am
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The below is a letter we received from Bridlewood resident “Kris.”  Her views don’t necessarily represent those of the BQLC, most specifically with regards to only voting out certain board members.

We would like to emphasize here that all board members must be voted out because of a clause in the bylaws.  The bylaws may make possible that remaining members can restore seats to those who were voted out, thus rendering the whole election process moot.

As always, your comments are welcome.


I have followed the issues closely since initial public awareness.  I will cast my vote to replace the majority of the Association Directors for the following reasons:

A. After meeting with Mr. Footlik and Williams Companies in January (perhaps December?), it would appear that our board ignored their fiduciary responsibility to inform residents because “they told us not to”, even though no apparent nondisclosure agreement was signed.

B. Our Board used Association funds to work with legal counsel to draft a proposed amendment to our CC&Rs which allows subsurface mineral development.  Although it was later dismissed as being “for the purpose of discussion,” I am not aware that any strengthened CC&R subsurface-development-prohibiting language was drafted “for the purpose of discussion,” nor any opposition plan for the same purpose.

C. At the last special meeting with residents, it was clear that virtually all attendees were opposed to drilling (I did not see anyone raise their hand in favor of drilling).  Despite clear resident drilling opposition and desire for an opposition plan, I am not aware of our Board working to draft any clear drilling defense plan.

D. Rather than developing a cohesive defense plan, the Summer Bridlewood Main Events article was published indicating “…owners that are in favor of horizontal drilling should have an opportunity to have their say and owners that are opposed should have the identical opportunity during the Town’s public hearings conducted by the Town’s Oil & Gas Board of Appeals.” Even though the Board legal counsel present at the special meeting indicated that there are many techniques and opportunities for opposition, all we have received from the Board thus far is the tidbit above.

E. In the same Main Events article, it states “The fact is that neither Mr. Footlik nor The Williams Companies need to negotiate with the Association or the homeowners to extract minerals from the golf course or any of the lands adjoining or in close proximity to Bridlewood.  They have the absolute right to develop these minerals so long as they are in compliance with the Texas Railroad Commission rules and regulations, and the Town of Flower Mound’s permitting requirements.” I find it unconscionable to imply that they could extract these minerals without encroaching within 330 feet of Bridlewood common area or resident properties. Additionally, I would expect there is Board awareness that the proposed well location clearly would not meet Flower Mound permitting requirements without significant variances.

F. I believe the extent of the objective drilling information sent to residents from the Board was a presentation that essentially describes the macroeconomic benefits of drilling (3/12 via email).

G. I have seen emails from one of the Board members indicating “excellent opportunity for each of us”, “every one of the 1303 homes will profit” and “this is a win-win situation. You’ll see!!!”  (I feel embarrassed for them.)

H. Rather than posing the obvious question(s) on drilling when the proxy forms were sent out, our Board opted to refer only to “any other matter that may be duly transacted at the meeting” along with language that allows Mike Long or the Board to exercise your proxy vote on “any other matter” as they see fit.  This is included in what may be regarded as an inappropriately subtle statement at the bottom of the form.

Despite what is overtly stated by our Board, I believe the actions of our Board as well as the statements above represent an underlying defeatist and pro-drilling attitude from the majority of the Directors.

As a side note:

At the FM Oil &Gas meeting to discuss variances for the proposed “River Walk” drilling location, variances included setback distance to a church, school, and daycare.  In light of the underlying intent of these setbacks, if there was ever anyone intended to be protected by these setbacks, it would be the patrons of a church, a school, and a daycare!  My meeting notes indicate our Association Board member that also sits on the FM O&G Board was the ONLY O&G Board member to vote in favor of all of the variances!

There are both facts and personal opinion above.  I encourage all of you to make your own decision of course.  Be there and vote!

I look forward to better Association representation, and I look forward to seeing all of you at the meeting.




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