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FAQs — July 29 Special Meeting by kim0917

Below are some questions that have come through our email inbox over the last week.  We hope making them into an FAQ post will help to clarify what can otherwise be confusing information.


Is the Brinkman/Reserve proxy a valid proxy?

·     A proxy can be written by anyone on any paper, even toilet paper, as long as it states the person’s name and contains a dated signature AND is delivered to the HOA secretary (Mike Walker in this case) before the meeting.  This proxy would be as valid as any other. The Brinkman proxy has less problems like turning over your vote to Mike Long so we suggest that proxy.

Should the HOA board be allowed to defend itself at the July 29 meeting?

·     The board has defended itself on at least three separate occasions:

1.  At the June 5 Golf Club meeting

2.  In a letter to homeowners from Mike Long

3.  And with a letter in the Mane Event newsletter

Can my husband/wife vote too?

·     As per the CC&Rs, only one vote is allowed per household.

I handed in the proxy from the HOA board without reading the final clause and now wish to revoke it.  What can I do?

·     Download and print the Brinkman/Reserve proxy.  Complete it and then in the blank space below write the following:  “This proxy supercedes all other proxies.”  Sign and date this statement and make sure the trusted person taking it turns it in before the meeting to Mike Walker, secretary as indicated in the CCRs.

Won’t the Town of Flower Mound’s Master Plan protect us from unsightly, unsafe and unregulated industry in our neighborhood?

·     We, too, initially expected only to deal with the Town of Flower Mound on the gas drilling issue.  In fact, we assumed that the 1,000 ft. variance would protect us and there would be no issues.  However, several drilling sites have made clear that residences are not protected by the Oil & Gas Board of Appeals without vocal public opposition to a variance request.Had Flower Mound residents not come en masse to appeals meetings, it’s likely Red Oak and others would have been granted their requests, making it easier for future requests to be granted, including Bridlewood.  If they can drill in Bridlewood, one of the county’s most densely populated areas, then they will easily obtain permission to come into other neighborhoods.

As always, your questions and comments are welcome on the blog.  We’d like to put together a proper FAQs page with broader scope, so feel free to submit some of your own by clicking the “comments” link.


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