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BQLC Board Candidate Questionnaire by kim0917
11 November 2008, 2:05 pm
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A BQLC questionnaire was emailed to Bridlewood HOA board candidates on Friday afternoon, November 7, 2008.  The purpose of the questionnaire is to give the candidates a fair and equal opportunity to respond to important issues facing our community before the “Meet the Candidates” meeting scheduled on Tuesday, November 11.  The questionnaire was developed by concerned members of our community.  For the record, responses were received from Jim Cafferty, Marianne Q. Kilpatrick and Kelly McDonald before the Monday deadline.

 Although, our intention with this questionnaire was to receive candid responses from each candidate based on their own perceptions and intentions before “Meet the Candidate”; the BQLC felt it was also important to include all candidates answers. Barbara Bailey Younginer requested an extension, and so far Brad Butcher has not responded. In fairness, we are extending to the three candidates who met the deadline, to submit responses to any of the questions that they would want to elaborate on before November 14th. After that date, no other submissions will be accepted.

 The candidate’s response is linked to their name. We encourage comments and guest writers. As always, this remains an interactive blog.


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Thank you for acknowledging the Social Committee idea. I have to take this opportunity to thank the person who originally gave me the idea, and that is Kelly McDonald.

Comment by Debbie Huffstutler


I wanted to take a moment to address some of your comments. First of all, your hard work and that of the board are duely acknowledged. Thank you and the others.

First, the Board Briefs are a great start. However, the events of the past year have placed a schism of distrust between many of the members of this community and the Board. The elephant in the room is the gas drilling issue. We saw, heard evedence of many meetings, emails or events in the past that could be deemed disturbing by many residents concerned about gas drilling. In rebuttal to your responses on access to reports, and overall communication with the Board, I think 90% if the tension can be resolved by posting comprehensive Board meeting notes and financials. Candidly, it is not enough to ask people to call up, or drive up and request them. I believe it is incumbent upon the Board to make them easily obtainable. There is no reason these documents shouldn’t be available to all through the website. Of course, individual resident information must be protected. If residents see positions or financials not in keeping with their core values, I am convinced they will come out in numbers and help shape a more balanced outcome.

Secondly, I agree with you wholeheartedly on the issue of supporting and fostering committees. However, since we have seen geometric attendance and interest in our meetings this past year, again, largely because of the gas issue, shouldn’t we have a committee that can work transparently, with members of the Board, to position ourselves and educate our residents? Doesn’t this make more sense than a social committee to start with? I think the lesson here is that I personally, and a large majority of residents have lingering doubts about this Boards ability to handle the gas issue. Let’s broaden the field and form a committe of our very talented community to work this issue. This would pay dividends for us all.

You indicate there is nothing we can do but I sat in a meeting with the attorney in July and heard him say our CC&R’s were weak and could/should be ammended. Have we moved on that? No. Hence the tension and frustration. It is really very simple.

Lastly, and with all due respect, your threat of litigation is unwarranted. If I want what you want and we want what 90+% of Bridlewood wants, why are you talking about litigation? I am not leading a political charge at all. That is nonsense. If as you write that the establishment of a Quality of Life Committee in Bridlewood is acceptable, why can’t we have a committe working, educating, lobbying, positioning, voting, meeting, advocating for issues that impact QOL like drilling? Please. Let me be clear, one person coming to the Board will not bring about monumental change. However, there are some very simple and tangible steps that we can do to promote transparency and build good will.


Jim Cafferty

Comment by Jim Cafferty

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