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Comment About Upcoming HOA Board Election by kim0917
18 November 2008, 4:34 pm
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Article written by Debbie Huffstutler on November 18, 2008 for BQLC

With the HOA elections only 2 days away I wanted to thank the for the information you supplied on the candidates.  As informative as the bios were, it was your questionnaire that helped me and many of my friends make our decision on who to vote for.

Before Meet the Candidates last Tuesday I volunteered to distribute flyers for all 5 of the candidates.  It was important to me to be as fair as possible and really get to know them in order to make an informed decision.  They all seem to be qualified in their own way and they all seem to want the best for our community.

After reading the answers to the BQLC two of the candidates stood out for me.  Kelly McDonald and Jim Cafferty both have strong business backgrounds that will be beneficial to the board and have a strong grasp on how the majority of our neighborhood feels in regard to urban gas drilling. 

Fiduciary responsibility for an HOA Board member is about putting the needs of the community ahead of your own.  The idea that this means if there is a minority opinion anywhere in the neighborhood the board must remain neutral or is “powerless” is absurd and defeatist.   When it comes to gas drilling it has been made very clear, “no drilling” is the directive from our neighborhood.  Kelly and Jim have the skills and experience to explore what actions we can take and move us in that direction.

If there are any lawyers in the neighborhood that could better educate our board as well as the community on what we can do, it would be wonderful if they could help.  There seems to be too much reliance on one lawyerʼs interpretations, described as “facts.”  We need legal help that understands our objective and is using it to advise what actions we can take, not legal interpretations as an excuse for inaction. 

For what itʼs worth, I truly believe we have a great opportunity to move in a more positive direction by voting for Kelly and Jim.

Thank you for all of your information.

Debbie Huffstutler



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