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Town Council Candidates Share Views at Bridlewood Meeting by kim0917
24 April 2009, 11:21 am
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Eight Flower Mound town council candidates addressed some 40 Bridlewood residents at the Amenity Center at 7 p.m. on April 22, 2009.  The candidates for Place 1 were Steve Dixon and Steve Lyda; Place 3:  Claudio Forest and Mike Wallace; and Place 5:  Angie Cox, Rick Cleland and Tom Hayden.  Each candidate was given five minutes to introduce themselves and express their views and positions on various issues.  Afterwards, the candidates answered written questions submitted by the residents.  During the 5-minute presentations, Steve Lyda, Mike Wallace and Tom Hayden strongly expressed their support of the town’s oil and gas ordinances and the SMARTGrowth Program.  Other popular issues discussed by the candidates were their political contributions, West Windsor extension, River Walk at Central Park and widening of Morriss Road.  Also in attendance was Al Filidoro, council member, Place 2.  The Bridlewood HOA arranged and hosted the event.  More views were presented in the April 25, 2009 issue of the Flower Mound Leader.


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Many of you have asked me why I support Tom Hayden, Mike Wallace, and Steve Lyda. Below you will find a summation of my reasons for my council choices. I came to my decision from what I have read in newspapers and candidate web sites, discussions with trusted acquaintances and friends, my impressions, and the information I heard at the Bridlewood “Meet the Candidate”.
Tom Hayden, Place 5. I believe there is a conflict of interest with Angie Cox and McCleland b/c they have both signed gas leases in 2008. Cox shakes hands with too many people in Flower Mound who have self interest. She was actually fairly quiet during the Bridlewood “Meet the Candidate”. Quite honestly, that approach makes me hesitant to trust her position on the issues. McCleland is a good guy, retired Marine, and did not appear to be current with the issues that face us. He is trying to get elected with the “I am your friend” attitude. Personally, I think he makes a good ringer to fracture the vote and make it a much closer race between Cox and Hayden. Although, not to detract from the real reason that I support Tom Hayden, he is more than qualified for a council seat, is intelligent, knowledgeable about business and finance, served on many town committees, and has done his research r/t town and state issues (house bills 2110, 4441, and 4654). I think he has a few people nervous in the higher places of Flower Mound. We need someone in there to shake things up, ask the difficult questions, and be willing to find the answers. Hayden is one of the few that believe that if Flower Mound officials do not change their spending habits; we will be facing a serious financial crisis. In addition, Tom is a Bridlewood resident.

Mike Wallace, Place 3. This was the one council seat that I was unsure about. Claudio Forest…I cannot figure out why he is running. The “want” to serve is not reason alone, and he was totally unprepared to speak about the issues. Mike Wallace & Bob Butler are well spoken, very easy to approach, against drilling, and support economic growth within the limits of our Master Plan and Smart Growth. Bob is against the Morris road expansion (vehemently, which I believe is why he chose to run for a seat). Mike does not have a “one platform” reason to run for council. He has served our community on many committees/commissions and is currently the vice chair of the P & Z commission, and his wife is an alternate on the O & G committee. Wallce is well informed, educated, and motivated. The major difference between Mike & Bob is their position on the expansion of Morris Rd. Wallace is more direct with his answer:
“…after 2499 Section 3 (from 1171 to 407) is complete (scheduled for December 2010). By that time, 1171 Section 1 (from 2499 to Shiloh) will also be complete. Ideally, construction on Morriss/Gerault should begin in the January 2011 time frame. This should give us plenty of time to secure all funding, obtain all citizen input, finalize the design, and select the contractor to begin the construction.”
If you listen closely, the other candidates are in favor but answer that they want more studies, think we can wait to start the expansion b/c we have 10 years to spend the appropriated money, etc…They do the shuffle very well! So with all that said, my vote will go to Mike Wallace.

Steve Lyda, Place 1. Last but not least, Place 1 has two candidates: Steve Lyda and Steve Dixon. As you might remember Dixon ran an unsuccessful bid last year. He is a nice guy, well versed on the issues, but like Cox, he seems a little too friendly with some of the self interest groups and would not come out last year and clearly take a stand against gas drilling. I guess he has learned it is okay to take a stand on issues, has heard us, and is now claiming he has always been against gas drilling. He has taken a campaign donation from Mayor Smith, which makes all of us a little suspicious. In addition, he seems a little too eager to point out that he has ruled against his friends when they have appeared before the commission/committees that he serves on. Steve Lyda, is approachable, intelligent, an engineer and businessman who lives in Wellington. He has the residents’ concerns at the forefront of his platform, and supports our issues. Lyda is a newcomer to the political ring but well versed on what is happening at the town level and in the house and senate r/t the different HB’s.

In closing, all three races will be close. It is wonderful that we have so many people who are willing to serve. My hope is whoever gets elected, that they serve the people and not the developers/self interest groups who only see dollars and not the beautiful community that we live. Also, my hope is that whoever does not get elected will stay involved and serve the town in other ways. I hope you and many others will join us in supporting (and VOTING) for Tom Hayden, Mike Wallace, and Steve Lyda.

Kim Brinkman

Comment by Kim Brinkman

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