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Urban Gas Drilling in Flower Mound by kim0917
29 September 2009, 9:45 am
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Over the past year, we’ve been lulled into thinking that the possibility of urban gas drilling maybe isn’t such an eminent threat. With the price of gas falling well below $4, how could anyone make any money and so why bother?

Well, as well all know, this is all about money and the folks at Williams and Cherokee Horn are paid to “bother” with convincing Flower Mound citizens that urban gas drilling is a) good, b) there won’t be any negative side effects, c) it’s inevitable, d) it’s going to make the town rich, and e) it’s going to make you rich.

One thing for certain is that this whole issue really is all about money. But it’s not the money that you, or your neighbors–or even that the Town will receive. It’s about the money that the developers and drillers will make.

And after the money stops, what’s our town going to look like? They’ll move on, but we’ll be left with the mess.

And just to drive home the point about it being all about the money (theirs, not ours), do you realize that Williams has sent the town an agreement that totally indemnifies them of any liabilities, but allows them to conduct testing and put in waste water systems anywhere they want? Why would any of our town leaders seriously consider this agreement?

Our town is fortunate to have a couple of Council members who have stood up to the big-money interests in an effort to protect the residents. But they can’t do it alone. If you care about protecting the town from the blight of urban gas drilling, please make your voice heard.

The opposition is paid to convince people that urban gas drilling is fine. We’re not. So what do we do?

Attend Town Council meetings–the Williams folks certainly do. (The next meeting is at 6:00pm on Monday, October 5th.)

Call your Mayor and Town Council members and let them know how you feel.

Write letters to the editor of Flower Mound papers.

**Request for your response**

If you no longer wish to be on my email list, please let me know and I will remove you. However, if you know of others that share our concern against drilling in the highly residential areas of Flower Mound, would you please forward this email to them and provide me with their email address so that I can add them to my mailing list?

Thank you,

Rebecca Belcher


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