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4 October 2009, 11:18 am
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At this moment Flower Mound’s Oil and Gas Ordinance is being challenged again. Williams Production, with the support of the residents in rural West Flower Mound, wants to change the ordinance.

The ordinance regulates gas drilling and protects the town. Whether you have signed a lease, not signed a lease, or do not own your mineral rights, you should be very concerned about any changes to the Oil & Gas Ordinance. Many of you that have signed leases did so with the current ordinance in place. Please read and sign the petition. The link is below towards the end of this e-mail

Williams wants to do Seismic testing throughout the town on public roads not just in West Flower Mound. Our roads were not designed to bear the weight of 2 60,000 pound trucks moving slowly sending vibrations through the ground. In the past, this has been done in mostly rural areas on private property. The effects to foundations are unknown. Williams has sent the town an agreement that totally indemnifies them of any liabilities. If they allow this to the ordinance all the other gas drilling companies will request the same. Insurance companies do not cover this type of damage. Any damage will be your financial responsibility.

They want to include waste water pipelines and seismic testing. The reason given is that waste water pipelines would reduce truck traffic in their neighborhood. But in reality, there will still be trucks bringing water, sand, and equipment to the well site and trucks going to and from this Waste Water site. In addition to that, waste water pipelines would be installed 4 feet below underground throughout the town to transport drilling waste from current and future pad sites. Detecting leaks would be very difficult and would not be known until contamination has occurred. Remember, if it is in the ordinance, other gas drilling companies can request to do this too. In Pittsburgh waste water pipelines were the source of contamination of a lake in a park killing fish, salamander, crayfish and aquatic insect life. What if it had been under a house, garden or pool? Since the gas drilling companies don’t have to disclose what is in their drilling and fracking fluid, do we really want this waste water going under our neighborhoods and throughout our community?

Our ordinance is strong and recently held up in the court of law. It is our only protection for our quality of life, homes, and schools. If it is opened up for revision there could be changes to the variances as well.

What do you need to do to protect your personal property, pocket book, and family?

1. Sign the online petition.

2. Contact your town council and tell them you don’t want them to change the ordinance (Contact Info. Below)

3. Go to the October 5th (6:00) Town Council meeting. If you are unable to make it, please send an e-mail with your concerns. (Williams and the rural lease holders have been pressuring council at council meetings and asking them to have a decision this week.)Council Members

Jody A. Smith
3705 Sarah Springs Trail, 75022

Place 1 Council member
Steve Dixon
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem
4604 Wisdom Creek Court, 75022

Place 2 Council member
Al Filidoro
3213 Augusta Drive, 75028

Place 3 Council member
Mike Wallace
2913 Trailwood Lane, 75028

Place 4 Council member
Jean M. Levenick
Mayor Pro Tem
2716 Gentle Drive, 75022

Place 5 Council member
Tom Hayden
4213 Huntwick Lane, 75028


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