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Open Letter by kim0917
19 October 2009, 10:20 pm
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Citizen Rights, Property Rights, and Quality of Life

The below letter to the Town Council was sent to us. It really makes sense of this whole issue here in Flower Mound. We have been accused of making this a political issue. You can read the FMCAUD’s mission to see that it has never been about politics.

It seems there is an effort out there to discredit those of us that want to protect our property, health, safety and quality of life.
We are not holding parties with free food and passing out propaganda.

This is not a political party issue.
This is a QUALITY OF LIFE ISSUE! Period.
please read the letter.

As I read the pro’s and con’s of Gas Drilling in rural and urban area’s, one thing strikes me. People seem to ignore history.

Protected Industries
Not so long ago in the United States, we did not have laws or regulation for: Slavery, child labor, tobacco, industrial, and financial industries. Left to their own moral and ethical choices, the individuals whom profited from these activities rarely made the right choices. As evidenced by history.

In each case, the United States government stepped in and created laws & regulations to protect its citizens. It didn’t happen overnight. Citizens had to step up and demand their rights, for which many died.

Gas & Oil Industry Exemptions:
The Gas & Oil Industry is exempt from the following Federal Laws:
· Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
· Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
· Safe Drinking Water Act
· Clean Water Act · Clean Air Act
· National Environmental Policy Act
· Toxic Release Inventory under the Emergency Planning and Community
Right-to-Know Act

It doesn’t take a genius to know that when an industry is exempt from so many “Health” related regulations, something is wrong.

There are independent studies being produced almost daily about the adverse affects, just from “Fracking”. Airborne toxins, leaks, spills, and legal & illegal dumping produced by the Natural Gas Drilling companies. All of the affects have yet to be determined, but dying animals & vegetation would allude that this is not safe for humans.

Citizens Rights
In November of 2008, Flower Mound’s Town Council passed an ordinance banning smoking in restaurants, bars, and parks. Our council understood that public smoking was an infringement of rights. Flower Mound residents also have the RIGHT to Safe Drinking Water, Clean Water in our Wells, Ponds, Lakes, Rivers, Streams, and Aquifer; Clean Air, and Conservation, Environmental, Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-know protections. We also have the RIGHT to protect our homes from damage and devaluation.

Anyone who tells you differently should understand the American Constitution. These people aren’t just infringing on our rights, they are trying to take them away.

This isn’t about the rural residents of Flower Mound’s rights. Their 100 wells have been approved. Williams can drill anytime they choose. They can do seismic testing on their property. No one from the Town has taken away their rights. I have no problem with these property owners getting paid for their minerals. Although, I do have a problem when my property rights are infringed upon.

THIS IS ABOUT the RIGHTS of residents who live in more dense neighborhoods. Williams and other gas drilling companies want your rights.

Greedy Gas Drilling Companies have come to Flower Mound! William’s most recent efforts to erode our ordinances are, by gathering rural residents at weekly events at the Circle R Ranch, where they buy their dinner and espouse untruths. Telling that if you don’t get the Town to allow Seismic Testing on streets and Tank Farms, these people will be taking away YOUR money.

What they aren’t telling these residents is that they, Williams, have sent a contract to the Town asking for Seismic testing on ALL Town Streets. Or that they will be using Eminent Domain to condemn portions of resident’s property to run these pipelines carrying these toxic chemicals back to their new “Industrial” zone.

When you don’t have the truth on your side, I guess the only thing LEFT to do is to lie. Wanting to protect your rights doesn’t make you left wing liberal, just ask the NRA.

You don’t have to be a Republican, Democrat, or even an Independent to want to protect your Rights.

You may own your minerals and you may not. You may of signed a lease and you may not signed a lease.

This is not about politics…never has been and never will be.


Protect our Rights:
Currently, our only protection from these companies is our Town ordinances. This is not the first attempt to weaken our ordinances. Each time they have been attacked, our ordinances has held up to the law.

This will certainly not be the last attempt at changing our ordinances. Over 64,000 residents live in Flower Mound. More than 60,000 of them live east of Shiloh Rd and most live on less than one acre neighborhood lots. The way our current ordinances are written, it makes it hard for drilling companies to drill cheaply. They will start at the fringes and continue picking away, until our community is drained dry. The question is “what will residents be left with”?
…… Plummeting property values, and toxins in the air, soil, and water.

Just ask all those who have come before us.

Members of Town Council do not change or allow erosion of our ordinances. Keep our Ordinances strong: Vote NO on Seismic Testing on public roads and “Tank Farms”.


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