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2 November 2009, 5:27 pm
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Town of Flower Mound

 Gas Well Status Report:

For Flower Mound there are 2 steps to this process.

  1. Each applicant must first apply to the Texas Railroad Commission. 
  2. Once a applicant has the Texas Railroad Commission approval, then they may apply for a permit through the Town of Flower Mound.  (The town ordinances are based more on surface setbacks).

Texas Railroad Commission website that identifies natural gas permits, well sites and much more.

Go down and change the “County” to Denton.  
Then zoom in on Flower Mound.  The further you zoom in you will start to see well sites street and names.  
Go to Map tools and select “Identify Wells”
If you click on the well sites it will give you additional information like: Operator, Well Logs, and Drilling Permits.



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