Bridlewood Quality of Life Coalition


Remember when you first moved to Bridlewood?  All those things that made it the ideal place to settle down and raise a family, or maybe you decided to retire here.  What attracted you the most?  The community atmosphere?  The beautiful golf course?  The surrounding countryside — its fresh air, green scenery and slowed-down pace of life?  We’re talking about all the little things that make your quality of life better, and we are dedicated to preserving them here in Bridlewood and in greater Flower Mound.  After all, it’s what we came here for!

Everything great about Bridlewood and Flower Mound, the things that made us move here, is under threat by plans to drill for natural gas below our homes.   Contrary to what you may think, this drilling will affect everyone in Bridlewood.  It’s not a foregone conclusion, there is still time to prevent this from happening.

Some of the ways that this drilling will hurt your quality of life:

Decreased home value – Even if your home appraisal remains strong, who will want to move into a neighborhood full of gas drills?  The drills that run beneath your home can also cause structural damage, lead to massive sinkholes, and put your home at risk of explosions.

Dangerous – Natural gas is highly explosive.  Around each drill, there is a quarter-mile radius known as a “kill zone” in which nobody is expected to survive an explosion.  Of course, beyond that quarter-mile, damage and deaths may still occur.  Furthermore, these drills and pipes will be running beneath your home.  Benzene and other chemicals will contaminate in the water; in some towns, this has rendered the drinking water flammable.  Should you ever need to put out a fire in your home, the water would actually worsen the problem!

Truck traffic – 18-wheelers will run through your neighborhood daily, removing sand and gravel from the drill site.  Then they will come to transport the gas.  These trucks are noisy and large, and will take away the peace and tranquility we have come to expect when driving through our neighborhood.

Environmental impacts – The water you drink and the air you breath will be contaminated by the chemicals used to drill, known as the “frack.”  Benzine, a known cancer-causing agent, is the main chemical used and under current plans will be re-injected into the natural water table.  At present, there is no known way to remove benzine from water.

Aesthetics – Our beautifully manicured golf course and driving range will be blighted with a massive drilling rig.

Peace and Quiet – Noise from drilling runs around 90 decibels, high enough to cause long-term hearing damage.  When you sit outside on your front porch, or play catch with your children, do you want to hear this noise and have to worry about the damage it may do to you and your loved ones?

Please visit our links to see other communities affected by natural gas drilling.  Think about how your quality of life will be severely downgraded.  The amount of money these companies say they will pay won’t even cover the cost of lost home values or hospital bills should your health be affected by their activities.  Just say no to drilling in Bridlewood and Flower Mound.


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