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Texas Women Battling Gas Well Drillers/Producers by kim0917
26 March 2009, 7:34 am
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Texas rural women are battling modern dragons (gas well drillers/producers) to save some “country” for future generations.  More . . .


Chemical Exposure Causes Child Development Problems by kim0917
18 February 2009, 1:49 pm
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As reported earlier on the blog, The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX) is a good source of information related to endocrine disruption—health and environmental problems caused by low-dose exposure to chemicals that interfere with child development and function.  Contrary to the propaganda of the oil and gas industry, data is presented that refutes this industry’s misinformation. 

Map of Proposed Drilling Area by kim0917

Many people think that because they live far from the golf course, where they have proposed drilling, that their homes will not be affected.  This map shows otherwise.

Click here to find your house on this map of Bridlewood!

Great turnout! Now spread the word by kim0917

We were encouraged by the great turnout at yesterday’s neighborhood meeting with the HOA to discuss plans for drilling beneath our homes.  Volunteers on behalf of the BQLC were outside to distribute flyers and almost everyone we met was in favor of preserving their quality of life.

Although the turnout was strong, we now need to spread the word to the many neighbors who weren’t in attendance.  We urge anyone upset over the gas drilling plans to please tell your friends and neighbors about the threat to their quality of life.  Tell them that the paltry amount of money they receive from the gas company will never offset the loss to their property value or make up for the dangers posed by having explosive gas lines running beneath their homes.

We need to bring these numbers to the Flower Mound Oil & Gas Board of Appeals, to let them know they can’t just rubber-stamp away our quality of life.  They meet Wednesday, June 11, at 6.30 pm.  Address is 2121 Cross Timbers Rd. in Flower Mound.

It’s OUR neighborhood, it’s OUR quality of life.  Let’s keep it that way!