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What’s the petition that went around Bridlewood in May? by kim0917

Written by Kim and Paul

In May over 300 residents signed a petition for a special meeting to consider replacement of some or all of the HOA Board, and to give direction to the Board concerning gas drilling.

Our HOA Board spent over $4500 moving toward gas drilling in Bridlewood before they knew what the Homeowners wanted. But the Board never asked, nor has it to date. We find it interesting that our HOA ignored the CC&R section C. – #6 that states “No oil drilling or related activities permitted.” We feel this should have been direction enough for our Board. In addition, if they doubted our intent, they should have called for a meeting or conducted a questionnaire. Only through grassroots causes such as this, and others before us, have our Homeowners been educated and made aware of the improprieties that have and do exist surrounding the potential for gas drilling in Bridlewood.

The background to this issue is summarized in a letter to Reserve residents from Mark Brinkman, President of the Reserve HOA, which noted that there appeared to have been considerable activity by the Bridlewood HOA Board to investigate the possibility of drilling in our development. In addition, the minutes from prior meetings were incomplete and vague, and the Board was not forthcoming with information. Some of the e-mails which raised concerns about the Board have been made available at this link, and further information collected by the Reserve Board, including a timeline, is available here.

Mark Brinkman chaired a meeting at the Amenity Center on May 6th to discuss a petition and update all Bridlewood residents in attendance. At this meeting a petition was introduced and signed by many of the attendees. Further names were collected in the following few days.

The petition signed by Bridlewood Residents was delivered to our HOA Board on the 15th of May. As of today, they have not set a meeting. The Board claims they cannot find a large enough place for such a meeting, but they were comfortable in setting up an “informational” meeting on June 4th at the Golf Club. It is time to stop making excuses and call the “Special Meeting” as requested by the Residents that they serve.