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Health Effects of Natural Gas Production by kim0917
8 October 2008, 3:19 pm
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The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, Inc. (TEDX) is the only international organization that focuses primarily on the human health and environmental problems caused by low-dose and/or ambient exposure to chemicals that interfere with development and function, called endocrine disruptors. TEDX’s work focuses on the endocrine system, which is the exquisitely balanced system of glands and hormones that regulates such vital functions as body growth, response to stress, sexual development and behavior, production and utilization of insulin, rate of metabolism, intelligence and behavior. Their research was designed to explore the health effects of the products and chemicals used in drilling, fracturing (frac’ing, or stimulation), recovery and delivery of natural gas. TEDX’s website provides a glimpse at the pattern(s) of possible health hazards for those living in proximity to gas development. In the process of researching the literature, they discovered that drilling companies have access to hundreds of products, the components of which are in many cases unavailable for public scrutiny. Their research papers cover oil and natural gas development in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Washington and Wyoming.  For example, their report about gas development in Washington claimed that 68 products used in gas production contained at least 88 chemicals.  All of these products have adverse health effects.


Gas Drilling Health Effects by kim0917
23 September 2008, 2:56 pm
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Experts at the University of Colorado School of Public Health’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health completed a review of hundreds of published, peer-reviewed scientific articles to examine what is known concerning the health effects of oil and gas drilling and production on neighboring communities. They also reviewed available empirical data regarding communities in western Colorado. They found that the many hazardous chemicals being used and produced pose a potential health risk for local residents, and recommend a thorough health impact assessment before future expansion of oil and gas activities. Their findings are detailed in these two papers–A White Paper and Literature Review. This work received partial financial support from the Natural Resources Defense Council. The statements made in these papers are the work product of the authors and do not represent the position of any university or organization.

Review of the original petition that called for Tuesday’s meeting by kim0917

The following was written by Kim Brinkman


Below you will read the exact wording that was on the petition to request the Special Meeting being held on Tuesday, July 29 at 7:00 p.m. at Trietsch Memorial United Methodist Church sanctuary, 6101 Morriss Rd. in Flower Mound.


The petition was needed to be in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.4 of the bylaws of Bridlewood HOA to request the President of the HOA to call a Special Meeting of the Members of the Association.


The stated reasons on the petition were as follows:


1.   To consider and vote upon the removal of each existing member of the Board of Directors of the Association individually;

2.    To nominate candidate(s) from the membership to succeed the Director(s), if any, removed by the vote of the Members;

3.    To engage in general discussion about the oil and gas drilling and development controversy within the Association for direction to the board of Directors.


If you noticed, the letter with the proxy sent by the HOA board did not correctly state the purpose of the Special Meeting.  In addition, they can not make a broad claim to discuss/vote on “any other matter that may be duly transacted at the meeting.”  The Special Meeting was requested and called for the three reasons above and for three reasons above and none other.






What gas co’s don’t want you to tell your doctor by kim0917

A Colorado gas-field worker arrived at a hospital covered in chemicals.  Just one problem:  The gas company prevented him from telling doctors just what those chemicals were.  When a nurse fell ill from chemical exposure while treating the man, doctors couldn’t diagnose or adequately treat her symptoms because the chemicals used for well fracturing are considered proprietary information.  The details of the “frac” did not even have to be disclosed to state health or environmental regulators.

We encourage you to read the full article here.  It’s curious that neither the company nor its chemical-covered employee are named in the story.

Deadline Tomorrow — Flower Mound Town Council Needs Volunteers by kim0917

The mayor and town council have lately pointed out that participation in government had been non-existent until the gas drilling companies came on to the scene.

They may have a good point.  It takes our regular participation and efforts to help protect our quality of life.  We encourage Bridlewood and Flower Mound residents to volunteer for appointment by the mayor to various official committees.

If you’d like to volunteer and actively support your community in protecting our quality of life, sign up.  The application includes a list of committees with open positions.

Many Bridlewood residents are putting in their applications now. You can bring the filled-in form to the town hall or fax it to 972 874 6453.  The deadline is 5 p.m. on July 11th, 2008.  That’s tomorrow.

The application is printable at this link.

Tell Flower Mound to stand up to Red Oak by kim0917
8 July 2008, 3:44 pm
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Regarding the lawsuit filed by Red Oak against the town of Flower Mound.  You can write or email your city officials to let them know you support the Oil and Gas Board of Appeals’ decision to deny Red Oak their variance request.

Please feel free to copy and paste the below form letter into emails.  You can sign it with your own name, address and phone number and customize it however you feel necessary.  Remember, it MUST be addressed with a Flower Mound residence.  We were told to address all correspondence to the town secretary.

Dear Secretary Paschal:

I am writing to support the decision of the Oil and Gas Board of Appeals, rendered on June 18, to deny the variance requests made by Red Oak Gas.  I want the Town Council to know how I feel when they weigh their options concerning Red Oak’s petition for appeal. This lawsuit may have affect future drilling ventures by setting a legal precedent in the state of Texas with regards to future variance requests.  It is important that the town of Flower Mound defend its right to continue making decisions for its residents, rather than the state or private companies.  I believe the Oil & Gas Board of Appeals was fully within its right to deny the variance request.

I live in Flower Mound for the quality of life it offers — a family-friendly, community-centered atmosphere with clean air and water, and a reasonable amount of safety.  I do not want to see it threatened by unsightly gas drilling rigs, increased truck traffic, environmental hazards, or even put at risk by the possibility of explosions.  Flower Mound is not an industrial zone and I hope it never becomes one.

Thanks for hearing my views on the matter.


[Address in Flower Mound]

Below are the names and email addresses of other town officials.

The town fax number is 972 874 6453

Mayor Jody Smith          
Councilman Joel D. Lindsey
Councilman Al Filidoro    
Councilman Tim Trotter  
Councilman Jean M. Levenick
Councilman Jeff Tasker  

121 THOUSAND times the legal limit! by kim0917

… of Benzene.  Is IT in you?

Yep, another occurrence of flammable water.  This one is west of Fort Worth on a ranch.  Here’s the link to the story.  One of the more memorable quotes:  “It’s like a refined gasoline product … you’d basically buy at the pump.”  The oil and crud in the water actually clogs a syringe used to take samples.

This is why we think our quality of life is being threatened in Flower Mound.  With natural gas drilling, there’s no guarantee about the future — pollution and environmental degradation can happen years down the road.  The gas and oil companies will just leave town and stick us with their deadly dirty laundry.